Utah's 2013 Constitution Day Celebration

Two Remarkable Champions of Liberty to Speak!

Stan Ellsworth
Stan Ellsworth is the popular and charismatic, brawny intellectual who hosts KBYU’s AMERICAN RIDE television series that highlights the best stories you may have missed in high school history classes. Stan takes viewers to where American history happened and brings history to life. Stan is a gifted speaker and believes deeply in America’s past and future. "I'm concerned that a lot of kids don't remember who we are. I just want to be a voice reminding us of our greatness.”
Audrea Taylor
At age 15, when most teens are focusing on gaining independence through their vehicle driver’s license, Audrea Taylor was driven by something else: Independence born by America’s Constitution. So in 2010 she co-founded im2moro, a national organization that promotes Constitutional principles among young people. “We realize that the only way we can turn our nation back to Constitutional principles is by reaching the next generation.”
Utah's 2013 Constitution Day Celebration in Layton.