• Chris Crowder

    How Christians Destroy Religious Freedom • Presenting in the Post Chapel, Chris asks the provoking question, “How can Atheists destroy religious freedoms in America when they make up less than 1.5% of the U.S. population?” The answer, “They can’t. Christians can and are!”  Nowhere in the United States Constitution will you find the separation of Church and State, yet most Christians believe this myth. Our Founding Fathers fought and died for Freedom of Religion, not freedom from religion. Today, voting Christians and religious organizations, who have been disconnected from politics in America for the last 30–40 years, don’t understand these truths. You will receive facts, resources and tools to understand the real problem that erodes religious freedom in America. Attend to learn how you can make a difference in this critical fight for America’s heart and soul.

    Chris Crowder is a Pastor-on-staff at Christian Life Center Church in Layton, Utah which has grown from a congregation of approximately 50 people to one of over 2,500 worshippers who call Christian Life Center their church. Their school, Christian Academy, has an enrollment of nearly 550 students. On campus, Chris plays a significant administrative role for 11 buildings and a football field on 30 acres. With a Master’s Degree in Public Administration, Chris is a speaker for Religious Freedoms in America. He’s known for his outspoken delivery and direct approach to education and politics.

  • Marilyn Starr Harris

    Integrity and Freedom • Religion, our most basic freedom, is under attack from mainstream media and many government officials. Our Founders established a Constitution that gave man the freedom to choose his own religion and how he worships God. Many call that separation of church and state. The Founders never separated God and the worship of God from the wellspring of this Nation. Our Founders, deeply faithful men and women, knew that the worship of God and study of the Bible were essential to the moral fiber of this nation...that integrity and freedom were inseparable. Join us at the Post Chapel on the Glen to discover a new awareness, a new inspiration about God, and the courage and faith of our Fathers. Take these few minutes to refresh your faith - and vitalize your relationship with God and your Country.

    Business owner for 35+ years, Marilyn’s expertise is in marketing. A consultant, she crafts marketing messages and campaigns for clients, businessmen and political candidates. Marilyn’s father, active in politics, tutored her faith in America. She attended the Freeman Institute’s founding meeting, signed up, and studied the Constitution in the tradition of the Founding Fathers. She took college classes in Political Science, including The Federalist Papers. Marilyn is a founding member of the Jefferson Madison Institute. “If Virtue & Knowledge are diffus'd among the People, they will never be enslav'd. [Virtue] will be their greatest Security.” Samuel Adams. This quote frames her seminar, Integrity and Freedom, the Faith that Makes Us Free.

  • Jim Noorlander

    Liberty vs. Freedom • America’s out-of-control welfare state, abortion, pornography, same-sex marriage, illegal immigration, the bail-out of America, and efforts to create a new form of government, the North American Union--are all symptoms of socialism. Socialism removes citizens from personal responsibility and accountability. Secular and godless, socialism is diametrically opposed to America’s founding Christian principles. The low standards in America today come from 75 years of New Deal and Great Society socialism orchestrated by both major parties.

    Jim received a building construction degree from the now Utah Valley University. He then moved to Sanpete County and started Noorlander Home Building and Roofing, Inc. As a businessowner, Jim knows how government over-regulation and mandates stifle small businesses. A speaker nationwide, he teaches audiences in 30 minutes on how to become an expert on the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. Jim received the Citizen Statesman Award from Utah Eagle Forum & the national award from President Phyllis Schlafly for helping legislators defeat the ACLU. An active Republican state delegate, county delegate, and precinct chair, Jim was a United States Marine in Viet Nam War (1971–75), he received a meritorious citation. A Scoutmaster for over 17 years, he and his wife, Liza, live in Sanpete County. He says, his “greatest accomplishment” is his 11 children: five girls and six boys [5 are Eagle Scouts).